The 3rd FIPFA World Cup will take place from the 3rd to 10th of July, 2017 in Kissimmee, Florida USA.


If you would like to support your National Powerchair Football Team and be close to the players, or if you simply want to attend this event, the travel agency Yoola offers you specialized travel packages.

An exclusive partner of the Federation International of Powerchair Football (FIPFA), Yoola works hand in hand with the organising country to accompany you and make your experience personal and unique.

Only Yoola can offer you access to the opening ceremony, the culminating banquet, and the closing ceremony.

If you are interested, please find the enclosed brochure with all of the necessary information. Do not hesitate to contact Yoola as soon as possible to book your stay.

Official FIPFA/Yoola travel package here