Wow! It has been a fast-paced, wild day one of the Under 18 friendly competition in Paris, France! Six teams have arrived and have each played at least two matches. Ireland has brought an under 16 team and an under 18 team. France has two teams; one includes a young lad from Brazil. The US has travelled the farthest. Finland has brought a team of 8 to 10 year olds!

Today’s results:

  • France Vaucresson, 2, Ireland U18 0
  • USA 5, France Selection 0
  • Ireland U 16 4, Finland 0
  • France Vaucresson 0, France Selection 0
  • Ireland U16  1, Ireland U18  0
  • USA 10, Finland 0
  • France Vaucresson 8, Ireland U16  0

This truly educational competition also includes the training of future National classifiers and International referees.

Stay tuned for more pix and stories!  And watch the games live at: