A perfect strikes of 4 wins in 4 games put smiles on the faces of the Team France staff and player on Thursday night at Paris during the end of the Winter Clinic. Despite a difficult start on the game against an effective Selection from the North of France, Team France might improve its level of play to offer a great show versus the three other opponents: Meaux and the two Ile-de-France selection.

The recent controversy with the suspension of three players previously invited to Winter Clinic seriously affected the French Powerchair Football Community and especially the Team France. Due to this unexpected situation, everybody wanted to know what was the reaction of the group. With Team France staff decision to call back Anthony Bastien, Brahim Sebiane and Xavier Carcault in order to replace the suspended players. Bernard Berthouloux, French National Coach, was extremely happy that the three “new” players reached his expectation during this intensive week where the players demonstrated their strength and talent. To illustrate the dedication of this group, Tuesday seems to be a perfect example because they practiced during 8h on the row. Jean Paul Moreau, the General Secretary of the F.F.H., was enthusiastic after attending the “night” practice session. No one can predict the future but Team France can be proud of the reserve of player ready to step up to respond to wear the National Team jersey.

This kind of event also required the commitment of all participants. Thanks to the players, staff and club which accepted to play a major role in this successful day. Team France congratulated all for the strong challenges it had to face. Team France is successful and it is a warm comfort to see that anyone from the “foot-fauteuil” community is ready to support the National Team on its quest to the excellence.

The training for World Cup is on right way. Even if few details needs to be adjusted on the technical area, the team spirit is amazing in this group. The inclusion of the players called again to substitute the three suspended ones were easy due to the perfect behavior of all. On this matter, the coaching staff worked during this Winter Clinic and they may reinsure about their choices. The french team has now a rendezvous in two months at Bourges to pursue this incredible journey…