Date : Wednesday, 14-May-2008
Location : Geneva, Switzerland


  • 1 representative of the Swiss Federation – Canton of Geneva
  • 1 coach of a club playing Foot-fauteuil as it was previously played in France.
  • 2 representatives from another club wanting to start Powerchair Football (Vevey and Vessy).

Executive summary:

  • There is a very strong desire of the Geneva Handisport Federation to start Powerchair Football.
  • There is very strong support from one of the two Directors in charge of the institutions housing the two clubs in attendance.
  • There is a project to start Powerchair Football as quickly as possible, as a casual activity at first, then in the mid-term potentially for competition.
  • There is a desire from the Federation to become a FIPFA associated member starting this year (2008).
  • The leaders in Switzerland are requesting FIPFA’s assistance, to help them set up the sport.

FIPFA’s proposal:

  • Once they are registered as an associated member, FIFPA organizes a promotional event in Switzerland in 2008, with the support and the logistics available in the country.
  • Objectives:
    o Day 1 – organize a demo with athletes from affiliated countries (demo game, group explanations, discussion with the public). A large number of people are expected to be present, such as athletes, future coaches, future referees, federation officials, family members, etc…
    o Day 2 morning – mini initiation clinic (Athletes – Coaches – Referees). Separate clinics assisted by FIPFA members.
    o Day 2 afternoon – Re-group of all (athletes, coaches, referees) and evaluation of the clinic.
  • Proposed dates for the event:
    o Arrival of FIPFA delegation in Geneva – 31-Oct-2008
    o Demonstration and clinics – 01 and 02-Nov-2008
    o Departure of FIPFA delegation – 03-Nov-2008
  • Organisation of the event:
    o The Swiss Federation organises logistics for everyone (accommodation, food, gym, etc…)
    o FIPFA provides guidance for the clinics.
    o Finances (FIPFA pays for their delegation – the Swiss pay for the rest) – a budget request will be submitted.
  • After the event:
    o Evaluation with the Development Commission and the FIPFA members in attendance.
    o Adjustments of the mini clinics offered in Switzerland for future events.
    o Invitation extended to the Swiss who are interested in participating in coaches and referees clinics.