The international Training Camp is a real success! Especially by the way our host organisation APCC and FIPFA Development Staff work together. This week in Coimbra is an excellent compromise between sport and positive experiences.
Even though there is some differences in languages between the young athletes on and off court, everyone is enjoying the programme and all have progressed after 4 jours of training each day. They have improved their skills and learning, also made new friends. Tomorrow Thursday will see a friendly tournament with teams made of players from differents countries coached by FIPFA Staff members. Our representatives from Invacare will also join us till the end of the week.

Post Event

Thursday saw the clinic place players into teams, in which they would play in a tournament in the afternoon. Each team had one of the player coaches to support the teams and the young players were divided into 3 teams, the first task was to create a team name. Teams were Maximum Speed, F.E.I (France. England & Ireland) and Team Spiderman. Once complete the teams ent off to organise there tactics and plays which they would use in the afternoon. We were also joined on this day by Agnès Riquelme, the Communication Manager from Invacare Europe, Ezequiel F. Silva from Invacare Portugal and a number of spectators game to see the action.

The games kicked off has each team would play each other twice, in a round robin league format over a period of 10 minutes. The games were refereed and the coaches observed the skills the young players had been working on all week, being put into action. The games were huge success with Team Spiderman being crowned champions with 3 draws and 1 win, a total of 6 points, in a close 2nd with 5 points where F.E.I. and with 3 points Maximum Speed. The players, staff and parents had an enjoyable day and all players discussed what they had learned.

On Friday, the last day of the clinic saw the players take part in some fun games where there skills taught all week would be put into action. And to complete the week the players were split into 2 teams who would play against each other for one final time. Ricky Stevenson FIPFA Sport Director commented” the players have developed so much over the week and watching the tournament yesterday and games today its clear how far each player has developed, football is a common language so it does not matter what language you speak as it’s become clear this week”.

The final part of the clinic was for those 2 teams to play against the player/coaches who had been working with them all week. It was fun for all but the coaches showed how experience can also help in the game. The day finished with reviewing the week and each player/coach was tasked with describing one think they had learnt new and opportunity to ask any question about the sport. Everyone stated how much they had enjoyed the week and they found it hard to say just one thing they had learnt as they had many.

The week was rounded off with final dinner which saw slide show of images which had been taken all week. It was then big thank you were given to our hosts, APCC and Kim Almeida, Luis Almeida and Jose Guillherme Parreiral.

FIPFA hope to run this type of event in the future.


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