With nine out of fifteen countries represented, Europe has the largest number of FIPFA member organizations.  In recent months,

more countries have contacted FIPFA, some seeking more information, others reporting the presence of teams in their region. We have consequently discovered that Finland, Austria, and Italy alreadyhave several players of powerchair football!

In order to give these countries additional information on both the technical aspects of our sport and on our federation, Nicolas Dubes, current EPFA (European Powerchair Football Association) president, invited the representatives of these countries to participate in a one day conference in Paris last November.

Led by Nicolas and Ricky Stevenson, (responsible for sports), the representatives of these three countries, as well as Germany, learned more about our sport and our federation.  After a short presentation of FIPFA, Ricky introduced in detail the sporting regulations as well as the technical aspects of powerchair football. After a quick classification presentation, several French players demonstrated the sport in the French Federation Handisport gym.

Three of these four countries expressed an interest to quickly become members of FIPFA!  Soon the Europe Zone will be comprised of 12 nations!