Brazil attended the international development conference organized during the FIPFA World Cup in Paris in November, 2011, and officially joined our federation in 2012. As the first FIPFA member from South America, the ‘country of football’ already has several teams.

Last November, with the support of the international federation, Brazil organized a significant promotional event in Rio de Janeiro.  Players and technical officials from the USA, Canada, and Europe, held two full days of training for twenty young Brazilian athletes. At the same time, FIPFA trained referees and classifiers. These two extraordinary days brought to our South American friends the technical prerequisites to accelerate their local development of the sport. Two representatives from Argentina also participated in this event and Argentina is looking forward to joining FIPFA in 2013.

In the wake of this promotional event, Brazil took advantage of the presence of several members of the Executive Committee to inaugurate the first official competition of the country. Before more than 400 spectators and numerous well-known political and sports personalities, the Brazilian players offered a unique and unforgettable show. Worthy of the greatest of football games, the atmosphere in the stands was breathtaking! Brazil really is the land of football!

With the presence of representatives from many countries, FIPFA took the opportunity to hold its annual general meeting. Members not present in Rio participated in the meeting via a Skype, creating the first “electronic AG” conference in the history of our federation.

Huge thanks to Ricardo González R. Souza, the current President of the Americas Zone, for the tremendous work and energy he contributed, and to his staff and the volunteers that made this event a great success. Thanks also to all players, technical staff, and executives of FIPFA for their presence and their organisation.


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