The Implementation of powerchair football in a country is a long and difficult process. Since the creation of FIPFA, several countries (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, and Turkey) have contacted our federation to obtain information. Other countries have already developed powerchair football and have recently made contact with our federation. There are many who will join our federation soon.


Officially, so far, no team practices powerchair football in Germany. A player discovered our sport during a stay in the USA and is seeking to promote it there.  Representatives from Germany attended a conference in Paris in December 2012, and will attempt to introduce this sport to our German friends.


Argentina has focused on powerchair football for two years. After a contact with the US, a representative of the country came to participate in the international conference held at the World Cup in Paris in November 2011. Since then, the Argentines to created a National Association of Powerchair Football and traveled to meet the Brazilians at their first tournament in Rio in December 2012.


Austria has recently contacted FIPFA. This country has several teams and intends to join FIPFA in 2013. A representative of the Austrian federation of sports for persons with disabilities participated in the December 2012 conference held in Paris.

South Korea

South Korea was one of the founding members of FIPFA, but relatively little has developed. Currently, Powerchair football is practiced only by a handful of players, but since the arrival of Singapore within FIPFA, South Korea has demonstrated its desire to soon implement new promotional actions.


Several teams practice powerchair football in Finland. Present at the conference in Paris in December 2012, two representatives demostrated strong intentions to grow the sport in their country and quickly affiliate with FIPFA


In Hong Kong, several players have been practising powerchair football for several years.


One of the largest football nations in the world is preparing to implement powerchair football. Present at the conference in Paris in December 2012, the two representatives from Italy announced their intention to promote powerchair football throughout the peninsula. So far only a few players from the middle of the country practise this sport.

New Zealand

New Zealand has been practicing powerchair football for two years. A representative of their national organization participated in the demonstration tournament held in Sydney in July 2011. New Zealand plans to become a member of FIPFA and will participate in the first Asia/Pacific/Oceania Zone Cup, (APO Cup) in Australia in January 2013.


Already present in England, Ireland, and Scotland, powerchair football is also being played in Wales. An English delegation recently visited in this country with the aim of further benefiting our sport and to suggest the country join FIPFA.