Our partnership with Invacare began in 2006 when it became the first sponsor of the Federation International of Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA).  It is with great pleasure that Invacare has signed a new 2 year commitment (2012-2013) and remains an official partner of FIPFA.

Mr. Gordon Sutherland, the Vice-president of Invacare and General Manager of Business Operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, was pleased and said that, “Renewing our partnership with FIPFA is proof of our strong commitment to powerchair football and to FIPFA.  We participate in the promotion of powerchair football to encourage an active lifestyle and we are pleased to be able to also collaborate with FIPFA in the development of future products.”

After the announcement, Mr. Hervé Delattre, President of FIPFA, expressed the perspective on the partnership with Invacare as being an important investment for the future of this sport for athletes with severe physical disabilities: “While FIPFA remains very grateful to sponsors who have supported FIPFA and the Paris World Cup in 2011, we rely on Invacare longer-term. The development of a sport using electric wheelchairs needs the commitment and the expertise of both partners.”

A Sport in Full Development

The last FIPFA World Cup took place in Paris in November 2011. For the first time, FIPFA received the support of UEFA and the attendance of Michel Platini, through the partnership with the World Cup. Today, there are 250 teams in 15 different countries (with 10 more willing to join). In all, 4000 players throughout the world are involved. Our goal is 800 teams in 25 countries!

The challenge of FIPFA is not only to introduce the sport to potential players, but also is to defend the interests of powerchair football so that it is supported by national organisations in the different participating countries. Invacare is proud of its role in the history of powerchair football together with FIPFA.

Powerchair football: game and 2012 calendar

Powerchair football is made for people who use an electric wheelchair daily. It is played with two teams of maximum 4 players, on a basketball court with a 33 cm ball. The players are in specially designed chairs with a foot guard to hit the ball and various other personal protections. On the whole, the rules remain the same as in football.

Upcoming events for FIPFA are: the first cup from Asia/Oceania scheduled for 2012 in Sydney; the Powerchampions League in Europe; the American Cup; the first international training camp for youth aged 8-15 years in Coimbra, Portugal, from October 28, 2012 to November 3, 2012; and the next World Cup in 2015.

About Invacare

Invacare is the world leader in medical equipment and home care. Our slogan of ‘Yes, you can. ®’ perfectly illustrates our willingness to offer users autonomy and daily independence through the design, manufacture, and distribution of a wide range of innovative, high quality medical equipment. Support for Invacare to powerchair football highlights all aspects of the trademark “Make life experiences possible “, borrowing from the leading global sports’ brands. The French Invacare site is located in Fondettes. For more information, visit Invacare at www.invacare.fr


FIPFA is an independent international federation composed of national organisations which organise powerchair football in each their respective countries. Based in Paris, FIPFA is officially recognised by the International Paralympic Committee since 2010. For more information, visit the website of the FIPFA: www.fipfa.org