For the first time ever in France, at the French First Division Championship evening match on Saturday, 17 April 2010, Boulogne honoured Powerchair Football at its match against Olympique Marseille. The kick-off at the match, given by Youcef Ayad Zeddam, who plays in the French national Powerchair Football team, was widely reported in the French sporting media and shown live on television, giving a great boost to the visibility of Powerchair Football. This is a significant alliance from the side of professional football, in advance of the next Powerchair Football World Cup, Paris 2011. We look forward to such support for our sport from professional clubs, many have shown interest in holding high-profile events, similar to this one, you can see the Youcef Ayad Zeddam kick-off online:

Youcef Ayad Zeddam Kick off video