FIPFA Executive Committee discussed the COVID-19 situation at their monthly meeting held on April 10th.

This situation is growing and many nations have gone into lockdown across the world.
Our community is placed in the HIGH risk category.  So when the lockdowns have ceased, we know it will be additional weeks before our community will return to normality.  The health and safety of the Powerchair Football community will be considered before resuming.
FIPFA will continue to work and support the local organising committees to assist in decisions based upon the current situation the guidelines of the World Health Organisation. Currently all sanctioned events and activities up to July 31st have been cancelled.
FIPFA will review activities and planned events each month and issue updates as required.
We hope our community will follow the guidance issued by the relevant national governments and health agencies.
Please stay safe and keep talking about our sport, we will be back on a pitch near you soon!