With a new name this year, the “European Champion’s Cup” completed the third edition of this European club competition on June 30th. For the third time, a French club won the title! The team from Villeneuve D’ascq won the final, down to the wire with penalty kicks after the game finished 0-0! Much to the discontent of their English friends from Northern Thunder (Newcastle), VDA won their first European title and is now the successor of Montauban, another French club absent this year, which won the last edition of the event.

Ten teams competed in the Champion’s Cup, amongst which were 3 English, 3 French, 1 Irish, 1 Belgian and 1 Danish team. With two pools of 5 teams, the two winners from each pool faced-off in the semi final, and the two winners in the final.

The podium of the 2013 edition:

  • 1st Villeneuve d’Ascq (FRA)
  • 2nd : Northern Thunder (ENG)
  • 3rd : Sporting Club Albion (ENG)

Here is a testimony from one of our Swiss correspondents:

The EPFA Champions Cup, by Xavier Lefebvre, Coach of the Egles of Vevey

“At first, The EPFA Champions Cup had a friendly atmosphere. Immediately, the first contacts, or should I say the reunion, happened when we arrived in Châtenay-Malabry. This adventure started with the pleasure of meeting one another, and exchanging a few hesitant English words. From time to time, this friendly atmosphere gave way  to more solemn moments during meetings or ceremonies that took place during the EPFA Champions Cup. But the good mood, and the will to get to know each other, is never far. After a few days, the language is no longer a barrier and becomes an opportunity to open to one another.

Of course, the competition takes the lion share of all the conversations and is on the mind of everyone. But this did not dampen the simplicity of human relationships between the players, their staff, the officials and supporters. This simplicity has to be protected by all of us from any kind of overflow.  It’s that the competition can remain a game, a game celebrated by all…

Days are linked and revolve around multiple issues in this international competition. We can always say that it lacks this, or that, but in the meantime, the EPFA Champions Cup 2013 happened in Châtenay-Malabry and I thanks them for all their hard work…”

Xavier Lefebvre
Coach from the Egles of Vevey (Suisse)

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