In February EPFA staff travelled to Finland to deliver the new and improved EPFA Coaching Powerchair Football course. Before the course began EPFA staff met with Erik Lundell, head of the Finnish powerchair football association and Lasse Keski-Loppi, Grassroots Development Manager for the Finnish Football Association.

Together, positive discussions were held on how to grow powerchair football in Finland and how the Finnish Football Association and the Finnish powerchair association can work together successfully. We look forward to working with both associations in the future and believe this will be the start of a very positive and productive relationship

The following day the EPFA Coaching Powerchair Football course began. Following weeks of planning and structuring the new course, it was delivered to 8 coaches from Finland and 2 coaches from Austria.

The morning theory sections included equipment, types of disability within powerchair football, the pitch, classification and what EPFA do. Practical session 1 followed, covering the basic and essential skills including chair control and dribbling.

In the afternoon coaches were back in the classroom to talk about formations, tactics and how players learn before heading back into the second practical session, covering further skills of striking the ball – both stationary and moving – as well as tackling. To finish day 1 coaches were split into smaller groups and challenged to develop a 15 minute session on a chosen topic, with the intention of coaching their session to the players in the morning.

Day 2 was a practical filled day, starting with coaches learning more about speed testing and delivering their session plan from the night before. Each session was well delivered and covered their chosen topic well. EPFA tutors then discussed and demonstrated a variety of set pieces with the players, provoking much discussion amongst the coaches.

The coaches were then challenged to deliver a set piece using the players after the lunch time break, using the lunch time period to plan the set piece given to them.


The afternoon consisted of small sided games for the players, much to their delight! EPFA tutors provided a variety of game challenges for the coaches to present to their players, with the aim of guessing which challenge the team were given. These included; always one player in the opponents half, only spin passing at set pieces and 10 seconds to take a set piece. Coaches then coached during the game, trying to use their new knowledge and skills.

A wonderful course concluded with team photos and good wishes given to everyone. The EPFA tutors were delighted with the enthusiasm and effort from the coaches and the players. EPFA believe Finland have some promising coaches and look forward to seeing how they develop and improve in the future! Things look very bright for powerchair football in Finland!

Erik Lundell said, “This has been a great weekend, the knowledge from the EPFA tutors will help our players to improve in Finland. This course will help the new coaches at Tampere as well as us and we hope to have more players in Finland very soon!”