Montevideo, Uruguay held the first Latinamerican competition of Powerchair Football played by teams: COPA POWERCHAIR LIBERTADORES. The tournament was organized by Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay played by two teams of each country:

  • “Máquinas Guerreras” from Rosario City – Argentina;
  • “Los Tigres de Pacheco” from Buenos Aires – Argentina;
  • “Novo Ser” from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
  • “Rio Power Soccer” from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
  • “Deportivo Montevideo” and “Huracán de Carrasco” from the hosting country.

The teams played among each other in two zones. The first and second of each zone played the semifinal.

The final standings were:

  1. Novo Ser from Brasil
  2. Huracán de Carrasco from Uruguay
  3. Los Tigres de Pacheco from Argentina
  4. Deportivo Montevideo from Uruguay
  5. Máquinas Guerreras from Argentina
  6. Rio Power Soccer from Brasil

Top scorer of the COPA POWERCHAIR LIBERTADORES was Valentino Zegarelli, a ten year-old forward who has been named the Powerchair Messi for his scoring ability. Fair play team was given to Máquinas Guerreras from Rosario, Argentina. All games were played in El Palacio de los Deportes of Peñarol Club, a traditional club of abled football from Uruguay with a total audience of 1.000 people in the two days of competition. Over 50 volunteers made it possible plus the sponsorship of Santander Rio, Nike, DHL, B&D Plateria, Gatorade, Zecat, Peñarol Club, among others.

The trophy is an adapted version of the traditional COPA LIBERTADORES donated by B&D Plateria, a trophy Argentine manufacturer. The COPA POWERCHAIR LIBERTADORES is intended to be held every year. In 2016, the tournament will be held in Argentina.