Development of Powerchair Football began in Uruguay in 2013, with the support of Fundación Oportunidad Uruguay, which aims to include people with disabilities through sports.

In that year a total of 7 players played, for 2014 the number reached 12 and today there are more than 40 athletes in the whole country. Taking into account that the population of Uruguay is only 3 million inhabitants, it is a good amount, although our main objective is to reach more people, providing as many tools as possible to continue with the development of the sport and competition.

In December of 2013, 7 players participated in the Argentine National and the Uruguayan team finished second. For 2014 already participated about 12 athletes, in May of that year a selection of 6 athletes participated of the “Mundialito” in Rio de Janeiro, obtaining the 5th place, the Fair Play prize and the best player of the championship. Also in 2014 Uruguayan team participated in the Argentine National Championship winning the second place.

In July of 2015 Uruguay hosted the first “Copa Powerchair Libertadores” where two teams from Argentina, two from Brazil and two from Uruguay participated. At that time there were already two teams formed in Montevideo, Huracán de Carrasco (2nd place) y Deportivo Montevideo (4th place), and one in formation in another city of Uruguay. In 2015 the two Uruguayan teams participated of the Argentine National Championship winning the first place in the two categories that the tournament was divided.

In May of 2016 Uruguay participated of Defi Sportif Altergo in Montreal, Canada becoming champion of the tournament. In December of the same year the two Uruguayan teams participated in the Copa Libertadores held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Huracán de Carrasco was champion and Deportivo Montevideo vice-champion.

In the year 2017 the Uruguayan team participated in its first FIPFA World Cup, obtaining the 8th position. In November of the same year, Uruguay was champion of the South American Cup played against Brazil and Argentina. Also in November, Huracán de Carrasco and Deportivo Montevideo played the Copa Libertadores, resulting in 3rd and 2nd place respectively.


  • 2017 FIPFA World Cup, Kissimmee, FL, (USA) : 8th place





In Uruguay today there are 2 strong teams that have been working since 2015 and have participated in several international competitions: Huracan de Carrasco and Deportivo Montevideo.

In 2016, in Fray Bentos (a small town in the country) the Inter ruedas team was formed, where today approximately 12 athletes practice.
In 2017, in the city of Flores, the team Charrúas de Flores began to practice with 5 players and the team has been growing very fast. Also in this year in Paysandú Los Sauces team was formed, with smaller players than in the rest of the country. Like Inter ruedas this team is still under development.

As a country, we are still working on the creation of a Uruguayan powerchair football league.