Power Soccer in Singapore was officially launched by MDAS on 27 February 2009 at Yio Chu Kang Sports Hall. The historic event was launched by our Member of Parliament, Ms Denise Phua together with a national football player.

MDAS learnt about this sport when our then MDAS President visited Japan. Our guys were very excited and we did research about the sport and how it is played.

We also designed and fabricated the guards we are currently using based on the motorsed wheelchairs used by our members. Since then the Singapore Disability Sports Council, SDCS has held national competitions for our players.

MDAS is the only association managing Power Soccer in Singapore as we are also the only association, that we are aware of, playing this sport. There is no national association for Powerchair Football. SDSC is likely the representative to FIPFA.

Over the years, our players have improved their skills and abilities and we would like to one day play at international competitions.


Currently in Singapore, the only Powerchair Football tournaments we participate in are those conducted by SDSC, which is held annually. Our teams have not participated in any international tournaments but we definitely wish to strive for that as our members have shown great interest and passion in Powerchair Football and it has become their favourite sport. We look forward to being involved in future zonal competitions and hopefully to be able to participate in the World Cup one day.


MDAS is more an association for people with muscular dystrophy rather than a club. We currently have between 12 and 15 players. Based on the players we have, there is roughly 3 teams. Some of the players we had in the initial years have either passed on or who are now too weak to play.

We conduct regular Friday evening trainings at a nearby primary school’s indoor basketball court. To make logistics easier, the competitions are also held there. At the moment, our coaching and support team are mainly made up of ad-hoc volunteers and staff who manage the sport and teams.