Powerchair excitement is deepening in Switzerland (one of FIPFA’s newest members) where clubs Vevey Egles and Geneva Pirates will hold the first ever Swiss Powerchair Football Championship, on Wednesday, 31 March 2010. The Galeries du Rivage, Vevey (near Lausanne)/ You can get a copy of the poster (very striking with logos of a dozen partners) by going to the site : http://www.lesegles.ch

The venue, Galeries du Rivage is a central and popular facility well-known for hosting sports and exhibitions. The event will run all day from 11.00 and a steady flow of supporters and casual spectators. The new hi-tech surface of the playing court promises to add to the action of the competition.

Some background very strong interest to start Powerchair Football was expressed by athletes and coaches involved in Geneva Handisport and FIPFA officials made a technical visit to Geneva in 2008, to help start Powerchair Football. The game was viewed as a possible leisure activity to add to the range available in the country (where hockey is very popular). The potential for competition was clear, and a large initial public demonstration match (with players from Switzerland sizing up to players from France and the USA) and workshops for athletes, coaches, referees was held in November 2008 (it became a FIPFA Development Commission prototype for other countries).  Interested disabled sports organizations in Switzerland attended, and thereafter encouraged teams to make the best use they could of the FIPFA technical training. Growing positive feedback about the game and good success with the universal foot guard – giving all Powerchair users the chance to play – resulted in a public demonstration in Vevey and local media coverage in 2009. Swiss Powerchair Football also made its first international friendly tour, also reported on in the FIPFA newsletter.

“Lss Egles” Team coach:

Email : gab.doug12@gmail.com