The goal to develop Powerchair Football in Asia and the Pacific grows from our delight seeing so many people interested in our sport in that Zone – players, coaches, referees, classifiers and supporters!  We believe that in terms of potential success, the game will grow rapidly in several countries in Asia and the Pacific, so that together we can achieve the criteria for becoming an IPC sport. Even though we know this process can be long, we are on our way! FIPFA Development Commission assistance to Asia and the Pacific has become even more effective thanks to international cooperation between the commission, the Singapore Disability Sports Council and the Asian Disability Classification and Research Centre. An exciting sports training event organized jointly by these partners and hosted in Singapore is the first fruit of this cooperation. A “FIPFA Instructional Workshop” takes place in Singapore 26 – 30 April 2010. Some places are still open for other countries of the Asia and Pacific Zone. Details are on the information sheet online, and a form is included for you to register your interest in attending. A more detailed programme has been developed by FIPFA Sports Department; to be sent out to those who will attend. This instructional workshop is designed for people wishing to start Powerchair Football but who have little or no specific experience of the game. Special training tracks are planned for players and coaches on the one hand, as well as for referees.  There will be an introduction to classifier issues and a session on the management and international relations of Powerchair Football.

The workshop is a great opportunity for you to discover our game and so gain a basis to help get you started. If you cannot attend, look out for more feedback on the website.

For more information about this event, contact:

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