FIPFA was present at he Sydney Sports Academy, Australia, this was a high quality training intervention providing an important opportunity for Australian Powerchair Football Association to prepare itself for the FIPFA World Cup 2011.

No less than 30 players, beginners or experts, and five potential referees participated in the three days of practice, including workshops around the basic exercises (control of the chair and the ball, rotating, basic tactics, understanding the Regulations). Demonstration matches between FIPFA Barbarians and Australian selections took place.

The Australians, already technically efficient despite their being new to Powerchair Football, were able to benefit from the expertise of FIPFA instructors to perfect their game, just days before the first national championship.

They are focusing exclusively on the next World Cup in Paris (2 to 6 November 2011) where the Australians will make their first appearance on the international scene. And they may well surprise many opponents, given that the Wallabies won over the hearts of their trainers when playing in Sydney during this training week.

The APFA and its charismatic President Matthew Cross – who is no stranger to the runaway success of Powerchair Football in Australia – can be proud of having won their bet through this training event: to attract so many players and attract so many political personalities to stand behind their sports team. The Honourable Graham ANNESLY, Member of Parliament of New South Wales and Minister for Sport and Recreation was present at the opening ceremony of the national tournament, and the Honourable Natasha MCLAREN-JONES, Member of the Government New South Wales, watch the inaugural demonstration game. These high-profile supporters witness to the rising value of our sport in Australia. Also present throughout the week constantly alongside the players was the indefatigable Rale Rasic, former coach of the Australian men’s football national squand and now the Patron of this outstanding national team Powerchair Football. He is already proving to be a passionate ambassador. With it, Australia aims to move mountains.