FIPFA is a federation whose mission is to promote powerchair football, but also and above all, to organise international competitions. To connect on these two objectives, one area of communication has become indispensable, the web!

Our website is a tool that allows us to pass information from the Federation to the Member countries. We hope also that it can gradually be a place where the whole community can interconnect, where countries, clubs, and more generally, all powerchair football players can express themselves.

Disseminating and sharing information on the website of FIPFA is also explicitly highlighting the dynamism of our Federation. At a time when FIPFA member nations share the unanimous commitment for powerchair football to become integrated within the Paralympic games, the visibility of our dynamic communication becomes even more a necessity.

Move from theory to practice! Our Swiss friends sent a detailed summary of a team from Switzerland preparing to play a French club from Lyon.

Press release sent by the Swiss Powerchair Football Association ( SPFA )


Match report: Team Switzerland vs Lyon 0/3

After an early domination by the Swiss, who missed two obvious goal opportunities, Lyon finally took over the game and controlled it through to the end of the match.

At half-time, Lyon was two goals ahead despite a solid defense and an open gamestyle by the Swiss.

Indeed, this young team played very well with the ball. This was a pleasant game to watch and their play remained quite positive.

We must however take into account the lack of matches for these players, since the World Cup in November 2011, as well as club games since June 2012.

Despite the loss, the Swiss team players showed courage and willingness throughout the match, not giving up at any time.


Through defeat, you can analyze and understand why you came short and use that to improve; a victory may have hidden the real issue.

This loss, even with a squad as good as this Swiss team, will allow the coaching staff to implement more precise content for future practices.

And players can already appreciate the fact that they voluntarily showed a cohesive, solid mental mindset during play.

Match report: Team Egles vs Lyon 0/3

This game follows the Swiss team match.

The 6 team members from National Swiss Team are now wearing the colours of their club team (yellow and blue for Vevey) and they are joined by two other players to complete the Egles roster.

After a first match with the National Team and critical feedback regarding their performance, they play the same opponents again with confidence and determination.

This first half gives a satisfactory result to the team, as the score was kept to a draw of 0-0, but was also disappointing since they were not dominating.

Practiced strategies and trained executions could only be tested briefly. Indeed, few were the opportunities to apply them on the field because the Egles were fighting hard, mainly on defense.

That said, this team’s defensive work is encouraging for the future, because in June they will have to face stronger European teams at the Champions League competition.

The second half was different; the coach rotated the players in order to gather information for future trainings.

Final score: a defeat 3-0, but this was not the main purpose. These two games have served as “snapshots” in the building process of a team for the next World Cup in 2015, as well as a preparation for the Champions League, a competition gathering the top European clubs, which will take place in Paris in June 2013.


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