The FIPFA Development Commission used the occasion of the 2nd World Cup to host representatives from six countries

who were interested in learning more about our sport of powerchair football.Representatives from Singapore, Ukraine, Finland, Hungary, Brazil, and Argentina spent the first day listening to presentations about the history, the laws of the game, and the technical aspects, all delivered well by Ricky Stevenson, European Zone President. Stewart Evans, Head of Classification, then gave information regarding the classification system and Mark Jones, Head of Referees, offered information as to how to obtain and train referees. The culmination presentation was given by Jeff Davis, English FA National Development Manager – Disability, who spoke on how the English got started; an example of one way to obtain support and funding. The presentations were well received and initiated many questions from the participants.

In the evening, the conference continued with the opening ceremony of the World Cup and the opening match between France and Belgium. The conference attendees were well entertained!
The next day, all participants were welcome to watch more matches and had the opportunity to ask questions of all players, coaches, organizers, and parents. Many questions were asked and much good information was received. The conference participants sought information about the game, the guards, the strategies needed to win matches, and many other specifics that they will need as they start the sport in their countries. The day was capped off by a dinner cruise on the Seine. Many lively discussions were heard, all about the great sport of powerchair football.
Our guests felt that this was a very productive conference. They all left with a better understanding of powerchair football and are eager to get it up and running in their countries.