EPFA : Ready for the new PowerChampion’s League ?

One year after the first World Cup in Tokyo, Powerchair Football’s strategy for world development is actually crossing a new stage. Expanding upon the dynamic of the last world event, the European Powerchair Football Association, the continental federation representing five countries within FIPFA in Europe, has decided to create a new competition for European clubs: […]

Aimé Jacquet / World Champion French Football Coach

In December, 1996 I first met football players in electric wheelchairs, at Clairefontaine. Being extremely interested and curious to see how these young people played football in their strange contraptions, I went to watch their championship final a couple of months later. To see them play with so much dexterity and enthusiasm, the idea of […]

Nicky BAKER, English Player

For a while I had been following football and watching my sister play regularly, I loved watching but wished I could play. I never had the opportunity until Powerchair football was introduced in England. From the moment I touched a ball, I knew this was the sport for me. I was excited as I played […]

Mickael ARCHER, American player

Power soccer is very challenging to me because it makes me have to think about every second that I’m on the court and know exactly where to be and when to hit the ball. I have to be able to maneuver my chair very well to be able to place the ball where it needs […]