Germany – First HausRheinsberg cup

May 6 and 7, 2017 will be exciting! Three German and two Austrian Powerchair Football teams will participate in the “First HausRheinsberg Cup” Steelchairs Linz vom RSC Heindl OÖ – Austria E-agles vom ASKÖ Wien – Austria Power Lions vom SV Motor Mickten Dresden e.V. – Germany Power Cats vom SV Motor Mickten Dresden e.V. […]

Yoola official travel package

The 3rd FIPFA World Cup will take place from the 3rd to 10th of July, 2017 in Kissimmee, Florida USA.   If you would like to support your National Powerchair Football Team and be close to the players, or if you simply want to attend this event, the travel agency Yoola offers you specialized travel packages. An […]

World Cup qualified countries

Argentine Coaches’ Training Clinic

Here’s what I knew about Argentina before going: 1. They speak the beautiful Spanish language 2. Lionel Messi 3. Soccer isn’t just a sport…it’s a language and a religion

EPFA deliver new coaching course to Finnish and Austrian coaches

In February EPFA staff travelled to Finland to deliver the new and improved EPFA Coaching Powerchair Football course. Before the course began EPFA staff met with Erik Lundell, head of the Finnish powerchair football association and Lasse Keski-Loppi, Grassroots Development Manager for the Finnish Football Association. Together, positive discussions were held on how to grow […]

Be A Part of the New Powerchair Football Game!!!

We are very proud to announce that Powerchair Football Argentina has launched a video game where everybody can experience our beloved sport. PowerChair Football Video Game is an interactive penalty shooting game that can be play on computers

John Nyce 1961 – 2016 (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

33 Years’ of Powerchair Football History! In memory of Canada’s oldest Powerchair Football athlete, John Nyce 1961 – 2016.  Here he is in an historical photo back in 1983, on the far right, playing “Motorsoccer”, a precursor to “Powersoccer”, which of course helped develop the present-day much loved sport of Powerchair Football.

A history of Powerchair Football in Ireland

Powerchair Football was first introduced into Ireland in 2003. It wasn’t played in any formal structure until 2009 when the Association of Irish Powerchair Football

FIPFA Sports Department

Since the appointment was made of Ricky Stevenson (Eng) to the position of Director of Sport at the last FIPFA Congress in July 15, it’s now time to appoint the 5 directors that lead the different elements that make up the Sports Department.

Jerry Frick, You Will be Missed!

Sadly, Jerry Frick, a great friend of powerchair football, has passed away. Jerry had been involved with power soccer long before FIPFA was initiated, back when the USA had only 6 teams, all on the west coast, and played the game like smash-mouth American football with an enormous soccer ball and very little passing. In […]

Video world cup

Copa Powerchair Libertados

Montevideo, Uruguay held the first Latinamerican competition of Powerchair Football played by teams: COPA POWERCHAIR LIBERTADORES. The tournament was organized by Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

Limerick Legacy

LIVES ON IN INTERNATIONAL AWARD Aoife McNicholl, captain of the Irish Powerchair Football Squad at the EPFA European Nations Cup in Limerick 2014 won the Football Association of Ireland’s Football For All International Player of the year Award on Sunday 22nd at a ceremony in the national television headquarters of RTE.

Powerchair football is the world’s fastest-growing sport

An English powerchair football coach and referee Steven Crump is very enthusiastic. If you take his word for it, no-one using a powerchair should ignore powerchair football. The excitement of the world’s fastest-growing sport is worth joining, seeing and having a go. Inspiring and enthusiastic Steven Crump got to know powerchair football about eight years […]

International clinic for players under sixteen – Paris July 2015

Dear friends, FIPFA is organising an international Powerchair Football clinic for players of ages between 8 and 15 years (less than 16 years), similar to the one that took place in October 2012 (Coimbra-Portugal). This clinic is open to players of all levels and will take place in France, in Vaucresson and Paris. The clinic […]